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For the Coven :

If you are here (on this website) you have been contacted previously by one of the other members.  You have been told the story, you know why you're here. So that cuts all the explaining and all of the confusion. I'm just going to give rules and such  below.

The purpose of this site is to have all the members of Pro Statera  in one place where we can all receive updates and share information. This is a private site. There will not be a whole swarm of members because there arent a whole swarm of the coven. There are 5 witches and 2 helpers, then a few trusted natural witches.

This will act as a place refuge, and solitude in times of crisis . I recommend that you check it regularly, especially those of you who do not have phones. We need to stay in contact. EVERYONE will have my number. We will all have each others numbers. There will be a page where everyone's name number specialty and emails will be (as well as social networks if you don't mind). We will all have a way to contact the other .


For The Pod :

If You are here because you are in the Pod ,
come! If you are here you are an Open Ocean and Or a Tropical Mermaid. This a place to get pod updates and just have some place to refer to. This is a place of magick and peace.


For Everyone :

Use the forums to discuss. As things happen I will let you know. If there is anything that needs to be changed/ modified or if there is something you want to see, text/call/message me/smoke signals lol.

There is a Zero Tolerance of Bullying, And a zero tolerance of nonesence. This is a safe place.


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